A Few Stories from Freshman Year

It is Friday morning as I’m writing this, the day after moving back home from my first year of college. I spent a long time yesterday evening unpacking boxes, putting clothes back in drawers, and reintegrating myself into the same room I’ve lived in for almost 20 years now.

I’ve only just now started this blog post because I debated what I wanted to do. I almost went ahead and did something normal and media-related, but it felt wrong not to commemorate the occasion. Especially after doing my Day One post, I felt like it wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t make a last day post. But then, my last day of college wasn’t very exciting. It was weird and sad and honestly, my Day One post was already a little bit weird and sad. That doesn’t define my freshman year of college at all… well, at least not totally.

So I thought instead I’d share a couple of stories from Freshman year. I hope you’ll enjoy this little trip through the year with me.

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“Are you excited?”

I’m pretty sure there was no way I could have made this week’s post without any mention of my finally moving into my dorm in Bloomington on Tuesday. I think it’s because so many adults view college as one of the best parts of their lives that so many also constantly want to know how excited I am for it…

And, I am excited, I think. I think. But beyond that excitement, and that also deep, gnawing fear, I haven’t really been totally sure of what to think about it all.

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