Carly Rae Jepsen: Pop Princess, Lyrical Genius

A few weeks ago I was riding on a bus to Chicago on a scholarship trip, listening as I often do to Carly Rae Jepsen’s seminal album “Emotion.” As I was listening to it, I came to a sudden realization about the lyrics of a lot of Carly’s songs. They toe a delicate line between pop and alternative and do a wonderful job at grabbing the positives of both sides.

So I thought it might be fun to take a closer look at these songs to examine just how they manage to pull off this careful balancing act, and why they’re just great songs overall.

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The “Heathers” Remake: Oh God, It’s Bad

So thanks in part to an incredible on-campus performance of “Heathers” my boyfriend and I went to recently, my love for this musical has been rekindled. And just in time for terrible, horrible tragedy to strike – of course. A “Heathers” remake.

Oh god. Here we go.

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Here We Go Again – Top 30 Tracks of 2017

It’s been another year. Can you believe it? Absoludicrous is about to celebrate it’s first birthday, and quite fittingly, I’m doing yet another Top 30 list, just as I did in the very first post on this blog.

(Speaking of that first post, check out my 2016 List if you haven’t already for even more great music that isn’t even that old yet!)

This year has been a great year for music, although I seriously doubt any year to come won’t be as long as the world continues to turn. There were a lot of comebacks from artists we haven’t heard from in a while, and that was a huge joy, but I also discovered quite a few new bands. I now work for my college campus’s radio station, and one of my duties for that station is to review new music, which has introduced me to a bunch of new bands I had never heard from before. Excitingly enough, quite a few songs from those artists made it onto the list this year! I’m really excited to bring you guys a list of great music both from well-known and less-popular artists.

So, without further ado, let’s have a little celebration for all the great music that came out this year.

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Stranger Song Selections

I just finished watching season two of “Stranger Things”. Spoiler alert: it was super good, for a lot of the same reasons season one was super good. I thought I might do a post after I finished critiquing the series, but honestly, I felt like it was a solid follow-up to the incredible first season. I know there’s probably a lot of people out there who disagree, but my experience was overwhelmingly positive.

Just like season one, season two had an incredible atmostphere. Just like season one, season two had great, realistic, well-developed and likeable characters (well, save for one newcomer, Billy, but I suspect we’re going to see more depth in him in season three). Just like season one, season two had a fun, interesting plot that doesn’t explain itself too much nor too little. Just like season one, season two had a fun score full of 80s goodness… well, except for just one misstep.

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Musical Month Week 5: Curtain Call

So we’ve come at last to the final week of my first ever themed month. This has been a fun little experiment, and I’m sure I’ll do more themed months in the future, but for now, I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to going back to a variety of types of content.

And since I’m being so honest, I’ll tell you something else – I had no ideas at all for what I wanted this week’s post to be. I had made my plans for this month banking on the fact that October would have four Sundays. But oops! It has five. So while I had plans for all four of the posts leading up to this one, this last week remained kind of a question mark. Until I thought… duh. I’ve talked up and down all this month about specific musicals and songs from musicals I liked, but I haven’t really talked about what it is about musicals in general that is so appealing.

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