Round Two

Last year around this time I wrote a little narrative piece on my first day of college. I started writing that piece the evening of that very first day, I was so moved by the swirl of so many different emotions it had brought me.

And now, it is the Saturday after I moved in. I’ve been on campus for nearly four days now, and I’m just now sitting down to type this. I don’t usually like to procrastinate this bad, and I can’t even blame it on the lack of ideas. I knew that I’d be typing out this post this week, and though I had to wait until Wednesday (the day I moved in) to come and go to start it, I should have been able to put down how it all felt before now, right?

But the past few days have been weirdly busy. And it took me a bit to realize why that is – why I haven’t had the time to sit down and really focus on my own writing.

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“Are you excited?”

I’m pretty sure there was no way I could have made this week’s post without any mention of my finally moving into my dorm in Bloomington on Tuesday. I think it’s because so many adults view college as one of the best parts of their lives that so many also constantly want to know how excited I am for it…

And, I am excited, I think. I think. But beyond that excitement, and that also deep, gnawing fear, I haven’t really been totally sure of what to think about it all.

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