No Sleep, Just Dance on TB2

During our second… maybe fourth winter in Bloomington, I was talking to a girl on my floor and she mentioned that, while she wanted to walk across the street to work out at the SRSC, our closest activity and fitness center on campus, it was too cold. In that moment, I remembered a Christmas gift I had gotten but relegated to the bottom shelf of the bookshelf in my dorm. Thanks to my lack of confidence over figuring out how to set up my Nintendo Switch on the lounge TV, I had neglected my copy of Just Dance 2018.

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We’re With the Band (Top 10 Bang! Dream Girls)

A while back, I talked about Bang Dream, the new rhythm game app I had fallen in love with. Though the natural sands of time wore my devotion to the game down to the point where I wasn’t quite playing it daily anymore, the recent release of the official English server of the game has reignited my passion for this game.

In response to the new release, me and a few friends from our Discord server started enthusiastically discussing the new game, as the English translation helped us fall in love with the same characters we had (or didn’t have) experience with in the Japanese version.

So we decided to all come together and collaborate on a blog post where we gushed about our Top 10 favorite characters from the game. Come along with me, Madison, and Nona as we discuss just why these girls have stolen our hearts… and our free time.

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At Home in the Valley

I’ve found a lot of value recently in calm, quiet places I can escape to for a while to relax. College is great, but it’s also essentially like living at school all the time, so I have a bad habit of getting wrapped up in my schoolwork constantly if I don’t have a good place to calm down and distract myself.

I’ve found a lot of these places, and I want to talk about one of them today. Stardew Valley.

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Gotta Judge ‘Em All

One of the things both me and my boyfriend Kirby enjoy is Pokemon. It was a part of both of our childhoods and, through better or worse we’ve stuck with the franchise for years and years. Because of that it’s also something we like to talk about, but what we’ve discovered is that we tend to have very different opinions about not only which Pokemon are the best, but also why our favorite Pokemon are great.

To spare you a long and probably biased view of our differing opinions, I tend to care a lot more about a Pokemon’s design and my own personal experience with it than Kirby does. Kirby, on the other hand, likes to prefer Pokemon that are competitively special, with good stats or movepools or typings while that doesn’t matter quite as much to me.

So I thought it might be fun to compare our favorites lists. Below is a list of both my and Kirby’s top 20 favorite Pokemon, in no particular order, as well as a quick little list of reasons we love that Pokemon. In addition, we commented on each other’s favorites.

I was actually surprised how similar our views of Pokemon are, and we even had the same favorites and reasonings, in some cases.

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Pleased to be of Fanservice

So I’ve, regrettably, gotten back into Fire Emblem: Heroes. I swore I wouldn’t play it until they added my beloved husband Silas, but I recently went against my promise due to… jealousy, mainly. I’m now a part of a Fire Emblem themed Discord with a couple of friends and their discussion about the game made me miss it somewhat. So I started playing again.

And it’s been fun! Even though I still can’t play as my husband, I do get to play as a lot of other favorite Fire Emblem characters. I get to pull for them in the gacha, train them up, and even back them in gauntlets. In fact, for the last gauntlet, I was excited to back up Camilla, one of my favorite characters from Fates (see the entire blog post I wrote about her).

That is, until I popped onto tumblr and saw the drama raging around her inclusion (as well as Tharja’s), in the gauntlet, mostly revolving around the fact that, as two of the most sexualized characters, they were automatically incredibly popular and thus shoe-ins for the finale. That’s not exactly what happened, but it still promoted a discussion I, personally, find very interesting.

So how much fan service is too much fan service, anyway?

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The Next Best Thing – “Fire Emblem Warriors” Review

There’s a variety of different franchises I would love to see Super Smash Bros-styled fighting games made of. Among these many franchises is the Fire Emblem franchise. With a huge variety of colorful characters, all with associated weapons and fighting types, as well as a dedicated and growing fanbase, it seems like it would be a great fit

And, well, we still don’t have that. But we do have “Fire Emblem Warriors”, and that’s kind of the next best thing.

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