About Absoludicrous

absoludicrous        [ab-suhloo-di-kruh s]        adj.

  1. a portmanteau of “absolutely” and “ludicrous”
  2. completely absurd, pointless, or ridiculous
  3. a jazz piece by Gordon Goodwin
  4. this blog’s title

Your Humble Blogger

Welcome to Absoludicrous. My name is Gillian Paxton and this is my blog. For years, my mom has been (gently, helpfully) bugging me to make a blog, because she believes I can make money by doing so.

I am not making money for doing this, but she’s right about one thing. I do enjoy shouting my opinions into the endless void of the internet, so this blog is a place where I do that.

I post nearly weekly, and sometimes my friends post for me, because they are intelligent and beautiful and I love them so much.

Thanks for stopping by!