10 YouTubers who Make Me Smile

Like many people my age, I often indulge in the habit of mindlessly surfing YouTube videos whenever I have downtime. YouTube is an endless pit of both incredible talent and also the most horrible, awful stuff you’ve ever seen, though with time I feel like I’ve managed to sort through much of it to find some real gems.

I thought today it might be fun to highlight some of these channels. These are ten channels from all over YouTube – they’re vloggers, gaming channels, media analysts, and even cooking channels. While their content may be wildly different, what connects them is they all inspire me in some way, be it through their humor, their passion for their craft, or their individual lifestyles.

I hope by doing so you all can find some new channels to love!

1. Pixielocks

I’ve been meaning to do a post on this channel for a long time, but I was kind of at a loss of what I could say about Pixie (AKA Jillian Vessey, my almost-twin in the name department) that isn’t already immediately apparent just by looking at her.

Pixie is a neon-colored, harajuku fashion-loving seamstress who shares her vibrant life with the world. Her channel is full of lookbooks, hauls from various designer brands, vlogs from places like Japan and New York, and celebrations of her “favies” from each month. She calls her viewers the “Confetti Club” and frequently gets brightly colored packages in the mail from them, once even receiving a giant Peep from a fan.

On the surface, Pixie might appear a bit detatched from the real world. But honestly she’s one of the realest YouTubers I’ve ever seen. She’s open about topics like her sexuality, her mental health, and her anxieties about her future. One of the things that, I think, has really connected me to her is our similar places in life. We’re the same age (she’s actually only a few months older than me), though Pixie is just about to start her first year of college after taking a year off to work. And much of her worries about living alone, away from her family for the first time, she shares with her fans.

It’s really nice to connect to a YouTuber who is so open about these worries because I too am going through that same transition from living at home with my family to living by myself and studying at college. And to watch her get excited about living alone and making a new place for herself despite her worries is really inspirational.

Speaking of inspirational, though, I also find Pixie’s personal style very inspirational. Though I don’t ever plan on trading out my wardrobe for that Party Kei “just came from an 8-year-old’s birthday party” look, I really like her style, and she inspires me to experiment and take pride in my own personal style.

2. Ranger Leah

Switching gears completely to an entirely different style of YouTuber, Ranger Leah is a primarily idol rhythm game YouTuber. She makes a lot of scouting videos, which is a type of video I adore when the itch to scout in my gacha games tries to overpower my urge to save for my dream card. But what sets Leah apart from a lot of similar YouTubers is her boisterous sense of humor.

She’s just so hilarious with how out loud she reacts to the things that happen in her scouts. Even if she often forgets the names of characters and which sets they belong to, even as she dramatically gasps or screams at the results of her scout, she’s always quick with a witty line. She’s a veritable wealth of hilarious quotes.

But Leah isn’t only a master of Love Live (and Bandori). She also loves bugs (particularly beetles), leading to maybe one of my favorite videos in the world.

Combining Leah’s very particular sense of humor with outdoor shenanigans is just a pure combination that I love. And for pure humor, Leah is unmatched in her area.

3. Jun’s Kitchen

love cooking shows. When I’m feeling stressed out, one of the biggest sources of relaxation is Food Network. There’s just something very calming about watching incredibly talented chefs prepare beautiful, delicious-looking food. Maybe it’s something about the artistry of the process, watching how a finished dish is brought to life.

So it’s no surprise at all that Jun’s Kitchen appealed to me as soon as my friend sent me a link to one of his videos.

Jun lives in Japan with his wife, Rachel, and three incredibly well-trained cats (I think three? It seems like they just keep coming out of nowhere to be in his videos, so it’s possible there’s more than three). I don’t know a lot about him, but he seems to be very interested in cooking knives, and making Japanese cuisine.

What’s notable for me about his videos, though, is the incredible quality and care he puts into every part of them, from the dishes and the cooking itself to the editing of the videos. It’s fascinating to watch the ingredients he picks come to life in his food, sure, but it’s enhanced by the high-definition of his footage and the way he cuts the video in time with his backing music.

Plus, those cats look so fluffy and so adorable.

4. Folding Ideas

As you may have noticed by now, I particularly enjoy analyzing the media I consume. If I love something, I find no greater joy than figuring out why exactly I love that thing, and same for if I hate something. I got that love from a huge amount of outside influencers, but I think Folding Ideas was the channel that finally made me realize that it was a real passion for me.

Dan Olson, creator of the channel and current face of it (he used to be represented by a puppet named Foldy, who shows up in the video above), has a real knack for making media analysis approachable and easily understandable. He analyzes a wide range of media, from movies to video games to music videos to internet movements, and so on and so forth. I’ve actually talked about him on two occasions before, but he’s worth bringing up again.

I just think he’s really great at what he does. He picks up on all sorts of interesting details, and I enjoy even those videos where he’s talking about stuff I’ve never consumed myself, just because he’s just so good at communicating his points even if you’re not familiar with the example material.

His channel features hours and hours of fantastic content, and if you’re interested in getting into the media analysis business, or even just enjoy absorbing it, I highly recommend poking through his videos.

5. Jenny Nicholson

Once upon a time, many years ago, I considered myself a brony. And during that time, I watched a lot of My Little Pony-related YouTube content, one of my favorite of those being an abridged series called “My Little Pony – Friendship is Witchcraft.” It’s one of those things from the Brony fandom I still legitimately think is awesome – it was hilarious, well-edited, and had quotes I still reference to this day, to the chagrin of the majority of my friends.

One of the creators (and voice actors) of that incredibly well-done abridged series was Jenny Nicholson, and little did I know that even as I left the brony fandom, I would continue to follow her work.

I rediscovered Jenny when a friend of mine sent me… gosh I don’t even remember what video it was. I was struck by her incredibly wry sense of humor and her variety of very unique topics. And then I went… “Wait, hold on. I know that voice.” And know that voice I did.

Jenny’s a big fan of Star Wars, so she covers that a lot, but her other topics range from Creepypasta, to bad fanfiction and books, to reality shows that flopped so hard it’s unreal. She loves theme parks too, and talks about them a lot with the analytical eye some may apply to classic movies or literature.

Jenny’s videos continue to bring a smile to my face every time they show up on my YouTube feed because I know every time I watch her I’m sure to gain a new, off-kilter and hilarious insight on something I may not have even thought to spare a second glance at. She’s sorely underrated as a creator, so go check her out.

(And, like a Marvel movie, be sure to stick around after the credits of all of her videos).

6. lilsimsie

You may have noticed recently (because I keep posting about it) that I’ve fallen back in love with The Sims 4, despite all my hesitation, and part of that has been due in part to getting back in touch with the fun and wildly creative community surrounding it.

One of my favorite Sims YouTubers is lilsimsie, or Kayla. As far as Sims YouTubers go, her content is pretty standard. She posts Let’s Plays of challenges, CAS videos, and building videos.

But there’s a lot to admire about her, in my humble opinion. Firstly, Kayla appeals to me in the same vein that Pixie from before does – like me, she’s a college student dealing with the transition from home life to living on her own. And like Pixie, Kayla is also quite vocal about these struggles in her videos. Particularly, though, Kayla is quite vocal about her anxiety.

As a fellow anxious person it’s pretty nice to hear from someone who, like me, feels self-imposed pressure to succeed at the projects they have taken on. Kayla releases a new video on her channel every single day, and streams on Twitch almost every single day – a level of content I’m honestly kind of jealous of. But she’s very open about how sometimes this can put a lot of pressure on her.

I think Kayla is great. Her Sims are cute and fun, her builds always look really nice, and she’s maybe the most consistent producers of content I’ve ever seen. But she’s also honest and passionate about her work, and has a good sense of humor about it too.

7. Emilia Fart

YouTube’s recommendation algorithms are a terrifying and mysterious beast. A friend and I are convinced that it’s gotten to the point where it can hear our conversations, because it always seems to recommend videos the other was talking about only a day after we talked about them.

One video that was continuously recommended to me was the video above, and based on the thumbnail I was kinda like “YouTube… what?”

It took another friend’s recommendation to finally convince me to watch said video, and I’m glad now that I did. Emilia Fart has an incredibly unconventional style, sure, and she’s unashamedly weird, yes.

But like I’ve mentioned a couple of times for a couple of different YouTubers, the thing I love about Emilia is her authenticity. None of what we see feels like an act, regardless of how strange she is.

I can understand how Emilia might come off as abrasive to some, and I don’t think her channel is for everyone. But for people willing to understand a truly unconventional woman living out her truth to the best of her abilities, I can’t find anyone better.

(I’ll be honest… even I have trouble watching some of her videos, though….)

8. Explanation Point

I’ve talked about how I enjoy media analysis, and there’s a particularly popular vein of media analysis on YouTube that’s mainly devoted to analyzing anime. Like anime as a whole, not all of these channels appeal to me for a number of reasons but there are some that I can’t help but love. Explanation Point is one of those channels.

Explanation Point… who probably has a name, I don’t actually recall what it is, packages his frankly really interesting analysis with these hilarious photo montages that serve not only to illustrate his point but also on occasion provide a unique sort of visual humor.

Also, sometimes, he sings! Or speaks French! Or talks at length about his college thesis on the French translation of “Frozen.” He’s an overall very interesting guy.

Overall, Explanation Point serves as a really great inspiration for me to work to make my pieces of media analysis more entertaining and insightful, and he provides a ton of entertainment while he’s at it.

9. Eryncerise

I’ve already talked about the little slice of YouTube I sometimes turn to in times of weakness – the gacha rhythm game scouting video side. But perhaps the queen of this niche is none other than Eryncerise.

Eryn got me into Love Live, actually, through her Pokemon Idolocke and I’m ultimately grateful to her for that, even if I’ve fallen out of playing Love Live in recent times.

But that’s not all Eryn does, oh no, far from it. Besides scouting videos and Let’s Plays, Eryn has also recently begun a fascinating project where she reviews and shares the history of every single magical girl anime ever. She’s released three episodes so far and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them – they’re well-researched, funny, and have a lot of heart that matches up really well to the topic they cover.

Another thing I really admire about Eryn, though, is her commitment to her channel. She’s never afraid to make a fool of herself or try something new and different, and it’s clear to me that she cares a lot about her viewers and tries her best with each new video to educate and entertain them the best she can.

Plus, her little mustache avatar is adorable.

10. Markiplier

I finish off this list with… perhaps a bit of a surprising one.

When I was a little younger, I loved to watch gaming YouTubers. I mean, I still do, it’s just a different breed of gaming YouTubers, but back in the day I watched like… PewDiePie and Achievement Hunter. And Tobuscus, when I was even younger. And after all of those… I watched Markiplier.

Mark was really the last true “gaming” YouTuber I was ever a big follower of, but I’ve always considered him a bit above the rest of the pack. Yeah, he’s made mistakes, but Mark owns up to his mistakes far more than I’ve ever seen in a YouTuber of his popularity.

And there’s a real charm to him. He seems like a really kind, really genuine kind of guy who really wants to make people happy. And even when he’s playing the trashy indie horror game of the week, I always feel like he does so with interest – always trying to figure out the little secrets and always attempting to play each game to the best of his ability. He even is known to give critiques of games he plays, something I find really uncommon with his popularity of content.

And though I don’t make it a habit to keep up with all of his videos like I used to, I still sometimes return to Mark’s videos, especially when I’m curious about a new game. I think he does a fantastic job with every video he does, and remains pretty down-to-earth for how much fame he’s gotten.

And that’s it! Ten YouTubers I really love. If you wanna see me talk about more YouTubers, check out my post about Dollightful! Or if you’re itching to check out any of the creators I linked above, please do! Obviously, they all come highly recommended.



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