No Sleep, Just Dance on TB2

During our second… maybe fourth winter in Bloomington, I was talking to a girl on my floor and she mentioned that, while she wanted to walk across the street to work out at the SRSC, our closest activity and fitness center on campus, it was too cold. In that moment, I remembered a Christmas gift I had gotten but relegated to the bottom shelf of the bookshelf in my dorm. Thanks to my lack of confidence over figuring out how to set up my Nintendo Switch on the lounge TV, I had neglected my copy of Just Dance 2018.

Contrary to what I thought, it was incredibly easy to set up, and before long we had groups of college students procrastinating from their assignments and working up a sweat to all manner of songs in our lounge. It was a hilarious and fun bonding experience for us all.

Just Dance has been a game I’ve loved for years. I got the very first version all the way back for Christmas 2009 for our new (at the time) Nintendo Wii. I played “Dare” (coincidentally coinciding with my Gorillaz phase) and “Acceptable in the 80s” (just a great song and dance) religiously. Since then, the new versions of Just Dance became a regular Christmas gift for my sister and I. We both enjoyed the game, so it worked as a gift for both of us, and for my parents it was good because we not only got exercise, we also looked absolutely ridiculous playing it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Just Dance, it’s a Ubisoft game where you perform dance routines to a selection of songs while holding a motion control remote, earning points for how accurately you perform the movements. It’s absolutely great fun, and over the years there have been all sorts of dance routines made for all sorts of songs.

The fun thing I quickly discovered about Just Dance 2018, though, is that it has an option called “Just Dance Unlimited.” For about $25 a year, the game gives you access to over 300 older songs from previous games. For the first time ever, you can play not only the new songs for Just Dance 2018, but also piles and piles of songs and routines from past games. Plus, everybody gets a free 3 months just by buying the game, so my floor has had a lot of fun exploring many of our old favorites.

In honor of the school year drawing to a close, I thought I’d talk a little bit about some of our floor’s favorite songs in Just Dance 2018’s selection, both those that came with the game and those that came with Unlimited. They’re in no particular order, because they’re all treasures in different ways, and, honestly, I have no idea how to tell which one is “better” than others. They’re all pretty amusing, I can tell you that.

1. Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

One of the new songs added for Just Dance 2018, this song makes full use of the… I think new feature that the remote vibrates along with the beat as you dance. For a song as beat-heavy as this one, it really improves the experience. This routine makes me feel powerful. I’ve tried every single possible dancer and I think every single one is fun, which is not always the case for these four-player dances. Plus, the aesthetic is absolutely amazing. I want every single one of those outfits.

2. I’m An Albatraoz – AronChupa

This is actually the only song on this list I haven’t personally danced to, but it’s made the list purely on my amusement of watching others dance to it. We were intrigued by the song thanks to the preview picture showing the dancer on her back with her arms and legs in the air like a dead beetle, and once we watched the dance, we were intrigued by the song itself. I find this dance routine… surprisingly threatening. I don’t know if it’s the occasional zoom-ins on the blank white dancer’s face, or the puzzling lyrics, or what, but this song and dance has a very particular energy I can’t ignore.

3. Rasputin – Boney M

This song is such a Just Dance classic that I couldn’t even consider not having it on this list. The dance is tiring, but so fun. It’s solid all the way through, but I think what pushes it over the top is not only the kitschy song, but also the amazing build up to the climax of the dance, where everybody has to get on the floor and figure out how to do that Russian dance… which I’m sure has a name but I’m not sure. Either way, if you’re looking for a workout, or a laugh, or both, this song is perfect.

4. Acceptable in the 80s – Calvin Harris

I was incredibly excited to see this song available on the Just Dance Unlimited list, because it was one of my absolute favorites back when I only had the first Just Dance. It’s a very simple routine, but there’s just something about it that I love. I think it’s a combination of the nostalgia, the cheesy 80s vibes, and the really rhythmic feel of the dance. It also doesn’t hurt that every tie I challenge someone on the floor to this dance, I always win in a landslide.

5. Footloose – Top Culture

Another new favorite from Just Dance 2018, this is another song that will really make you break a sweat. This is definitely a floor favorite and we all are happy to collapse on the floor after this one – it’s exhausting. But what really makes this dance is the fun concept. I really enjoy how the dancer’s costume gets slowly more disheveled as the song continues. Plus, it’s not just the costume – the dance moves get wilder and more energetic as the song goes on. So fun.

6. Beep Beep (I’m a Sheep) – LilDeuceDeuce ft. Black Gryph0n and Tomska

This dance is less notable for the dance itself (which seems to be made with a younger audience and mine) and more notable for the meme it’s become on the floor. On many occasions we’ve broken into singing this weird song. I suspect it’s a relic of back when random internet songs became hilarious to us, and I guess that’s happened again. The dance is mostly embarrassing, if anything, having to get down on all fours and buck. Gives me flashbacks when I was a horse-obsessed weirdo back in elementary school and pretended to be a horse with my friends… *shudders*

So that’s it! There’s a lot more available on Just Dance Unlimited than just these songs, and this is by no means a complete list of the songs we like. This was a great game to have around and I’d highly recommend it.


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