The Boys are Back – “One Foot” Review

So I’d say it’s been a pretty good birthday week.

It was actually on Monday, my real birthday, when I first saw Walk the Moon’s vague announcement-of-an-announcement coming today on their Twitter page. I wasn’t sure whether we’d be getting an announcement of an album or of a song, but I was excited about any information about my favorite band. After all, since their last album “Talking is Hard” they’ve been more or less missing in action. (For good reason, but still.)

So, I turned on my Twitter notifications and lo and behold, right before Spanish class this morning, I got the news. They’re back! Today, they dropped their new single “One Foot.” I’ll get more into it, but spoiler alert, it’s good.

(Ah how I missed Nicholas Petricca’s lame dance moves.)

Now first off I’ll say to anyone who is concerned about Walk the Moon’s more rock-influenced style being put aside in order to pursue more “mainstream” styles, I wanna remind them that this is the first single off of their new album. In vein of “Shut Up and Dance,” “One Foot” is definitely the kind of song that’s meant to be radio-friendly and danceable. And honestly? That’s not a negative.

I think Walk the Moon does a lot of things right (obviously, they’re my favorite band) but one of those things is that their explorations of pop music are never shallow. Such is the case with “One Foot.”

It has dense, well-written lyrics with some fun rhyming conventions. As a lyrics fan, this song gets a big A+ for me. I love the riff in the second verse where the lines all start to rhyme with “dust.” It’s clever and fun and fast-paced and I’m a big fan. I also love the “King of Nothing at All, Queen of Nothing at All” motif. It’s a pretty lyric.

As far as instrumentation goes, I was a little disappointed at first. I felt like a lot of the instrumental choices mirror a lot of the stuff you hear on the radio nowadays, especially the kind of squeal-ish repetitive electronic sounds. Honestly though, after my third or fourth listen, I found myself making peace with them. They at the very least jibed with the spacey sound of the rest of the track, and I trust my boys to use even overplayed tools and instruments well.

Of course, the vocals are spot on. I could spin posts and posts and posts about how much I love Nicholas Petricca’s vocal work, and he’s done it again with this song. His voice is always so clear and fun and lively, and it works so well for this kind of dance track.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this comeback. I think this song has the makings to catapult Walk the Moon back into the public spotlight, which is exactly what they need. And they definitely haven’t sacrificed quality. I still felt like I was listening to a Walk the Moon song when listening to this track, and honestly that was all I really needed.

I don’t want to spend too much time on speculation because it doesn’t in the end do much good, but I do have to comment on where I think their next album is probably going. Based on this track as well as what we’ve heard from “Tiger Teeth,” which has already been more or less confirmed to be on the album, I think their next album is going to have a bit slower of a sound. “Talking is Hard” is an album full of frenetic songs, focusing on energy and fun. While I definitely think that characteristic Walk the Moon energy will be present in this new album, I think we’ll be seeing them slow down and look inward a little more. I think that’s a great thing for them.

I’m anxiously awaiting more information about the future of this band, and there’s no doubt I’ll be writing more about them as we hear more.


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