(Introduction) Why Writing a Blog is a Terrible Idea

Why, hello there. Welcome to my blog. This sort of introductory thing probably would have been better to be the first post, but as is a constant in my life, I put the music first. If you’re here reading this, thanks. I appreciate it, despite everything I’m about to say.

But first, introductions. My name is Gillian Paxton. As I’m writing this, I’m eighteen years old. Currently, I’m a senior at Carmel High School, but I’ll be attending Indiana University’s Media School next fall, probably studying journalism, although if what I’ve learned from most of the adults in my life is true, that’s subject to change. This world we live in is a sphere of chaos and uncertainty, anyway.

However, what isn’t uncertain is the fact that I’ve always been a fan of words. Not spoken-aloud words, definitely not. Spoken words involves, like, looking at people, and while there are some people in this world I enjoy looking at, they’re still all exhausting to me. No, I’ve always been a fan of written words, words on papers and books and cereal boxes and webpages, and now, these words here on my very own blog.

My decision to start a blog has been a long time coming. My mother has been urging me to write one for years, but I think that’s because she thinks writing a blog is the secret to becoming a millionaire. I guess I wouldn’t know, but hey, maybe this could work out? Maybe in a few years I’ll be reading this post on a yacht, drinking an expensive but non-alcoholic beverage and laughing about how young and poor and naive I was.

I resisted writing a blog for years for a lot of reasons. Logically, starting a blog made no sense for me. My opinions are vast and complex, but they’re also rather niche and don’t tend to stick to one topic. If I wrote a blog, what would even be about? I care about so many things. Music. Dogs. Media. Video games. Anime. Music. People. Words. Music. Books. Music. Music.

And sure, I have things to say, but who cares? I mean, I have lovely friends and family who will probably post encouraging things on my blog posts, but I guarantee they won’t be sticking around once I whip out my in-depth analysis of side characters in the Fire Emblem series, or start ranking my favorite Vocaloid songs, or wax philosophical on the lack of female characters in sports anime (all very real ideas for posts, I’m warning you now). Why should I put work into something, realistically, no one will read?

Also, what would I even call this blog?

However, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by the page you’re looking at right now, I eventually overcame these concerns. How?

It mostly comes down to our school newspaper. See, my sophomore year I took the prerequisite class for joining the staff of my high school’s newspaper, the Hilite. It was a class I assumed I’d enjoy, but I was unprepared for how much I’d enjoy it, and be challenged by it. My junior year, I joined staff, and quickly found a love for writing for the opinion section of the paper, Perspectives. And now, after several columns, a lot of copy-editing, and a hearty amount of schmoozing with the past editor, I am now one of the two editors of Perspectives. I’ve learned a lot from the experience, but here’s the most important thing:

The art of good opinion writing relies heavily on a lack of care for your audience.

I know that sounds terrible, especially since you, reading this, are my audience. I do care about you. And yes, opinion writing involves wanting to help your audience see things in a new light.

But also I don’t care about what you think.

It takes a certain lack of care for your audience to put your own opinion out there. To say, “Hey, you might think differently, but you’re wrong and here’s why.”

See, writing for a school paper quickly teaches you that there’s value in what you write even if no one pays attention. And yes, people will ignore what you write. People have busy lives, and they won’t always pay attention to what one person has to say. But it doesn’t matter. It’s important to say those things anyway, because you never know when someone will be out there, listening. And even if they’re not, one person is there listening, and that person is you. Er, me. I’m writing this. Uh, yeah.

So honestly, this blog is going to be disjointed. It’s not going to stick to one topic. It’s going to get pretty niche. And most likely, not a whole lot of people will read it. And that’s okay. This blog is ultimately for me. If you’re here this far, thanks, but this isn’t for you.

Don’t take it too personally.

But all that being said, I also want this blog to be for you. For all of you. And by “all of you”, I mostly mean my friends. I have the incredible pleasure of befriending a host of deeply fascinating people who are passionate about a lot of things. Some of those things I’m also passionate about, some of those things I’m not, but regardless, I love hearing about those things.

I have friends who love history, who love crafts, who love science and god forbid, math. I have friends who really like thinking about how terrible politics can be. I have friends who play video games with lots of fanservice and don’t even mind it. I have friends who deeply analyze the lighting of scenes in blockbuster movies. I have friends who have more than a casual love for Broadway.

I feel like too many of these passions go unnoticed, so what I want this blog to be is a place to celebrate the weird, beautiful, niche things I and my friends love. I want this to be a place where I can scream my small, unimportant opinions into the vast void of the internet, and I hope to bring others along for the ride to scream their small, unimportant opinions too. And maybe people will hear us, or maybe they won’t. Either way, I think it’ll be fun.

For that reason, I plan on getting some guest writers and personal friends on board to write things every so often! I think it’ll be a nice change of pace from just lil ol’ me all the time.

Expect weekly posts (most likely every Sunday), and thank you so much for reading, as always.

(Oh, and I almost forgot! The title. It was ripped shamelessly off of the title of a jazz chart Jazz 2 played last year for our annual pie and jazz event, Jazz a la Mode. I thought it was clever. Please don’t sue me.)




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